A nice to have, not a must have

I think photography is one of those things that you find yourself always comparing your stuff to other people’s stuff! Whether it be your images, gear, studio space, lights…whatever. Rightly or wrongly, I’m always fighting the urge to say “my pictures aren’t as good”, or “I don’t have that equipment.” And as a result I kinda get down on myself and don’t really feel like my photography is an art form. Maybe it’s just me.

I frequently feel this way when it comes to studio spaces. Some just look so darn nice and professional and I don’t feel like I’m good enough to even set foot in them! What also kinda sucks is that studio spaces are really expensive so it’s tough to know how something (as pretty as the one in this picture) might operate. I guess that comes with experience and time…neither of which I have a lot of at this point! ;) Might have to make the investment and just learn more about studio lighting and how to arrange all these lights and modifiers somehow. Until then, I’ll just keep muddling along!